Transfer Your Number

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So you’d like to keep your old number? No problem! Just fill out the form below and we’ll get the process started!

We will get in touch with you to ask for any additional information we might need as well as assist you in paying for your activation, service, and porting. Then we will get the port process started and let you know when it should be done. The fee for porting your phone number to your new phone is $20.


Most of the information is from your account with your old carrier that you are leaving. The account pin is typically the 4 digit number you would dial when calling in for customer service and such with your carrier. To get the information we will need, you may need to call your provider and say the following: “I want to port my number and need my account number and pin number to port to a new carrier.”

*Important* Do NOT cancel your current service. That would make the process very difficult. When we port your number over that will cancel your current service automatically.

Special Instructions for Certain Conditions:


The ESN#/MEID# is only if porting your number to Page Plus (Verizon) or EcoMobile (Sprint). 

This can be found behind the battery in phones that have easily accessible batteries. The number often starts with an “A.” It may say HEX before it. Don’t use the one that says DEC. If your battery isn’t easily accessible, as in some smartphones like iphones, go to your main settings for your phone. Probably it will be general settings and “about” or something like that. Look for the ESN/MEID#.

 If you’re porting to H2O or Simple Mobile, leave ESN / MEID / IMEI / SIM# blank.

If Porting from:

AT&T – Call AT&T and ask for your “porting account number” and your “porting pin number.”

Net 10 – Your Account number is your IMEI #, and they have no pin or it maybe the last four digits of your phone number.

AirVoice – Your Account number is your Sim Card #. You might not have a pin number.

Verizon to H2O – Leave off the -00001 from the account #

Now for the Form!

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