Soundlogic XT Power Cell

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Product Description: Sound Logic XT 2600 mAh Power Cell is a portable, rechargeable battery back-up. Simply connect the power cell to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other smart phones or devices to recharge the battery on the go. It recharges via a USB connection to your computer or other USB power source. When it is fully charged, it can re-charge your device up to 2 times before needing a re-charge itself. The 2600 mAh Power Cell fits into your pocket, purse or briefcase to go anywhere that you travel. You can now charge your device anytime and anywhere. Product Dimensions: Weight: 4.80 oz

Format: Cellular

Category: Cell Phone Accessories/Chargers & Cables

Model: BB26-24/5722

UPC: 04490205722

Weight: 4.80 oz

Original Release Date: 03/01/2013