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For people with low income

Free Android smartphone, and service on the T-mobile 4G LTE network

The Federal government pays for it through the state lifeline program. You can only have one per household. Easy to sign up. You can even use your current phone if it is a T-mobile, or Unlocked phone. It really is 100% free. Unlimited Talk and Text. 500MB of data. Free shipping!

Sign up, now: Safelink Wireless РFree Phones

If you don’t have T-mobile coverage, check out the complete list of Lifeline providers in California

Free service on Freedompop
If you’re not low income, you can still get 100% free cellphone service. It is data only. Voice and texting is done through a Freedompop app. I use Google Voice and Hangouts instead. This allows me to have free unlimited Talk and Text.

NOTE: Be sure to read my entire guide to turn off all paid/trial services.


Sign up with Freedompop

Sprint 4G LTE Network – 1.0GB/month free

$20 Activate your own Sprint phone$20 Sprint 4G Hotspot$30 Sprint 4G Android smartphone

AT&T 4G LTE Network – 0.7GB/month free

$0.99 AT&T 4G SIM card$20 AT&T 4G Hotspot$30 AT&T 4G Android smartphone

AT&T and T-Mobile 3G Networks in the USA. Three and it’s partners in Europe. Global SIM. – 0.7GB/month free

$10  Global 3G SIM card$20 Unlocked GSM Hotspot$30 Unlocked Android smartphone