What phones are compatible with the Motorola Lapdock?

Bionic Lapdock, Lapdock 100, and Lapdock Pro 500

Milestone X2 (GB) (Only in mirrored mode)

Droid X2 (GB) (Mirrored? Untested)

Droid 3 (GB) (Mirrored? Untested)

Electrify (GB)

Photon 4G (GB)

Atrix 2 (GB)

Droid Bionic (JB) <—- Best price for greatest functionality; $60, used on eBay.

Razr (JB)

Razr MAXX (JB)

Droid 4 (JB)

Razr M,HD,HD MAXX (JB) (Mirrored? Untested)