Sprint MVO iPhone 4s activation no ICCID card 4G data – Howto

I thought the 4s was not a 4G phone. ?

Department: Customer Service
Your Question: Update ICC ID
Staff: Dhalia Namoc
11:24 Your Question: Update ICC ID
11:24 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
11:24 You are now chatting with Dhalia Namoc – Customer Service
11:24 Dhalia Namoc: Thank you for choosing Red Pocket Chat Support. This is Dhalia. I’ll be happy to help you today.
11:25 Jeffrey Hein: thank you
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: Hi Jeffrey.
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: May I have the mobile number of your concern?
11:25 Jeffrey Hein: the phone # is
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: Thank you.
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: One moment please.
11:25 Jeffrey Hein: ICC ID is
11:27 Dhalia Namoc: Jeffrey,  is not a Red Pocket Mobile number.
11:27 Dhalia Namoc: Please check the number again.
11:27 Jeffrey Hein: Yes it is, we ported it 2 days ago
11:28 Jeffrey Hein:
11:28 Jeffrey Hein: sorry
11:28 Jeffrey Hein: weird
11:28 Jeffrey Hein: hte number my backend is wrong
11:28 Dhalia Namoc: So this, is the phone number?
11:29 Jeffrey Hein: MSID :
11:29 Jeffrey Hein: is the correct #, What is the MSID?
11:31 Dhalia Namoc: Hold on please.
11:31 Dhalia Namoc: Let me check.
11:32 Dhalia Namoc: For me to provide the MSID, please verify the MEID of the phone.
11:32 Dhalia Namoc: The HEX please.
11:34 Jeffrey Hein: MSID :
11:34 Jeffrey Hein: # is
11:36 Jeffrey Hein:
11:36 Dhalia Namoc: Let me check
11:36 Jeffrey Hein: have you changed the IcCID yet?
11:36 Jeffrey Hein: That is what I need
11:38 Dhalia Namoc: ICC ID is only an option if you try to change the device on the account.
11:38 Dhalia Namoc: If you have free MEID, I can try to change the MEID on the account, then add the UICC ID.
11:38 Dhalia Namoc: Then put back the original MEID.
11:40 Dhalia Namoc: Do you have another MEID?
11:41 Dhalia Namoc: So we can put the UICC ID on the account?
11:41 Jeffrey Hein: so I don’t need the ICC ID?
11:41 Jeffrey Hein: iphone 4w
11:41 Jeffrey Hein: 4s
11:42 Jeffrey Hein: When i dial ##72786# it says my account cannot be activated
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: I do not have another MEID
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: I need this phone activated
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: I have the customer waiting right here
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: Please fix this
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: Tell me if you need anything else from me
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: Please
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: Don’t worry.
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: I can help you to program the phone.
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: Kindly go to Settings>General>About>MEID
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: Please provide me the MEID showing.
11:44 Jeffrey Hein: I already did above! ^^^
11:45 Jeffrey Hein: 11:36Jeffrey Hein:
11:45 Dhalia Namoc: Thank you.
11:45 Jeffrey Hein: 10 minutes agao
11:45 Dhalia Namoc: Please have the phone connected to Wifi now.
11:45 Jeffrey Hein: ok done
11:46 Dhalia Namoc: We need to make sure that the MEID you provided is the same on what the phone says.
11:46 Dhalia Namoc: Now kindly go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
11:47 Jeffrey Hein: done
11:47 Dhalia Namoc: What happened to the phone?
11:47 Jeffrey Hein: respringing os
11:48 Dhalia Namoc: It should reboot the phone.
11:48 Jeffrey Hein: ok ready
11:48 Jeffrey Hein: it is booted now
11:49 Jeffrey Hein: connected
11:49 Dhalia Namoc: Good.
11:49 Dhalia Namoc: Now dial ##873283#
11:50 Dhalia Namoc: Press the Green Call Button
11:50 Jeffrey Hein: done
11:50 Jeffrey Hein: service update complete
11:51 Dhalia Namoc: Good.
11:51 Jeffrey Hein: I can make a phone call
11:51 Jeffrey Hein: what about data?
11:52 Dhalia Namoc: Please check it by turning OFF the Wifi.
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: seems to be working
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: What about MMS?
11:53 Dhalia Namoc: Check it
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: So, we should be good?
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: The iPhone 4s does not need an ICC ID card?
11:54 Dhalia Namoc: Some may require.
11:54 Dhalia Namoc: Some may not.
11:54 Dhalia Namoc: Depending on the phone.
11:54 Jeffrey Hein: what about 4G data speeds?
11:55 Dhalia Namoc: Depending on the phone and location.
11:55 Dhalia Namoc: Customer may get 3G or 4G.
11:56 Jeffrey Hein: so this iPhone 4s can achieve 4G data speeds if there is a 4G antenna near by, even without the ICC ID card?
11:57 Dhalia Namoc: Yes.
11:57 Jeffrey Hein: Great, what about voicemail?
11:57 Jeffrey Hein: do you have a FAQ about setting it up?
11:59 Dhalia Namoc: Let me check.
12:03 Dhalia Namoc: Hold on please.
12:03 Dhalia Namoc: Checking the website now.
12:08 Jeffrey Hein: ok, let me know. Thank you so muchj
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