Does H2O throttle my unlimited data?

Hi! H2O has an awesome $60 unlimited calls, texts, and data plan. Yay!!!

Unfortunately, we just learned that H2O does indeed throttle unlimited data plans. Once you reach 2 GB of data use, they will slow your data down from 4g to 3g speeds.

FYI, 3g is still very fast. It’s what our other carrier Page Plus uses exclusively. Also, we only have 2 4g towers in our whole area, one in downtown GV and one in downtown NC, so often people with 4g phones are actually only achieving 3g speeds.

How can you get around this situation? You can choose to pay for another month early and call H2O to have them change your renewal date. One customer of ours had success by just being a “squeaky wheel” and calling and nagging H2O until they reset him to 4G!