Help! My H2O phone text and data aren’t working!

You may need to contact H2O and have them reset your account. Here is the contact us page from H2O Wireless:


How do I set up and use my voicemail with H2O?

1. How do I set up my voicemail?

  1. Press and hold 1 from your wireless phone to access your voicemail.
    * Once you set up your voicemail, you may access your account by dialing from any other touch-tone device.
  2. Follow the prompts and select 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
  3. The system will ask you to enter your personal pass code. (think of an easy to remember pass code and enter it when prompted)
  4. The system will prompt you to record your own personal greeting or to select a standard greeting.
  5. After hearing, “the person who you are calling has a voicemail that has not been set up yet, goodbye” interrupt this greeting by holding down the *key
    * In order to avoid being charged as a call, please call your H2O® Wireless number from another phone while your H2O®Wireless phone is turned off.

2. How do I listen to my voice messages*?

  1. Dial your wireless phone number.
  2. Press 1 if calling from your wireless phone.
  3. Enter your pass code.
  4. The system will automatically play the new voice messages.
    Airtime charges apply when using these features from your wireless phone.

3. How do I listen to my voice messages from another phone?

  1. Call your H2O® Wireless phone number from another phone.
  2. When you hear the greeting press the * key.
  3. Enter your pass code.
  4. The system will automatically play the new voice messages.

4. How do I reset my voicemail if I’ve forgotten or lost my voicemail pass code?

Contact Customer at 1-800-643-4926 and provide your mobile number and IMEI, which will be required for the voicemail to be reset. Once reset, all previously stored messages will be deleted.

5. What are the short cut keys for my voicemail box?

  • Press ‘1’ to play messages
  • Press ‘1’ to replay last 3 seconds of a message
  • Press ’11’ to replay current message from the beginning
  • Press ‘2’ to pause/continue a message
  • Press ‘3’ to fast forward 3 seconds
  • Press ’33’ to skip to the end of a message
  • Press ‘7’ to delete a message
  • Press ‘9’ to save a message
  • Press ‘2’ to record a message
  • Press ‘3’ to change a greeting
  • Press ‘4’ to access personal options

6. Can I get my voicemail in Spanish?

This depends on how you set up your voicemail initially. If you selected 2 for Spanish then your voicemail will in Spanish. If you would like to change your language selection, you can do so by resetting your voicemail settings. Please call your voicemail and follow the prompts to reset your settings.

7. How do I send calls directly to my voicemail?

To send an incoming call to voicemail, press the ‘end call’ key (normally marked in red) on your phone. Some phones will display an option to send to voicemail as well. If this appears, highlight that option and press ‘OK.’




My MMS/Picture messaging isn’t working on my H2O iPhone!

Unfortunately, we have just discovered that MMS, or picture messaging, doesn’t work on iPhones with H2O. You can work around this by jailbreaking your iPhone. We provide this service. Another workaround is to email photos. This is usually the best policy, as MMS messages use data no matter if you are in a wifi zone or not.

If you are having any weird texting problems with your iPhone, please disable iMessaging.


Do I get free nights & weekends and moble-to-mobile with my new plan?

Unfortunately Page Plus doesn’t offer free nights and weekends on their 250 minute and 1200 minute plans. They also don’t offer free mobile-to-mobile, ie: calling another Page Plus customer. We think with the excellent value of the plans, you won’t notice the difference. It IS a good idea to look at your bill though, when deciding what plan is best for you. Add up your peak minutes, nights and weekends, and mobile-to-mobile calls. This is how many minutes you will need for your Page Plus plan. The $55 and $70 Page Plus plans are unlimited minutes and texts, so there’s no need for nights & weekends, etc.

H2O, Eco Mobile & Simple Mobile are all unlimited minute plans.


How to I update my PRL/Profile and 4G on Sprint using a custom rom like Cyanogenmod and a Sprint MVNO like freedompop?

Generally the in the past the answer has been to have a backup of your OEM rom, and your current one. Then using your custom recovery restore the OEM rom for PRL updates.  Here is an alternative.

CM12 on Sprint, how can I update the prl? from cyanogenmod



For 4G fix:


How to get tethering Wifi Hotspot to work on your LG Nexus 5


Vick Fisher's profile photo

Vick Fisher said:

OK- after a few more hours of trying, I found a solution, but it requires you to get the Android SDK on your PC.  If you’re not on Windows, don’t bother reading the rest of this.

That’s easily downloaded, though it’s over 200MB.  Once you install it, you’re ready to use the adb shell. Instructions for that here.  It’s really not hard even though it may sound like you need to be technical.
You’ll also need to enable Android debugging on your phone.  This link shows how to do that.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any development.
After you make yourself a “developer” on your Android phone, you need to enable USB debugging.
Go to Settings -> Developer options -> and activate the “USB Debugging” toggle.
All you need to do then is:
Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
Open a windows prompt to to the sdk\platform-tools folder inside the Android development kit folder.
Once iin sdk\platform-tools, type
.\adb shell.
This starts the Android shell (terminal where commands can be typed), which can work on your phone.
Once in the shell, type this:
settings put global tether_dun_required 0
Press return.  To confirm it worked, type this and press return:
settings get global tether_dun_required
It should print out a zero.
Then you can quit the android development kit.
Reboot your phone.
Hook up your phone to the computer and set up the USB tether hotspot.
It takes about a minute for mine to start up, but then hovering over the icon on the task bar shows: Network XX Internet access.
Hope that helps!


How to unlock your bootloader, install a custom recovery, and root your LG Nexus 5 with Android 6.0.1

Follow this guide:


Be sure to reboot between unlocking your bootloader, and installing the custom recovery. (Steps 7, and 8) To prevent bootloop via this article:

PSA: Make Sure You Reboot After Unlocking Your Nexus Or GPE Device’s Bootloader

If you do get the TWRP boot looping tryuing to execute open script recovery and just bootlooping, flash the original recovery image, and reboot all the way until the welcome screen. Then flash the custom recovery again.


How to change your hostname (device name) in Android 6.0.1 with adb (root required)

First you enable developer mode by tapping on the build number a bunch under about this phone.

Then you enable USB debugging. Under developer options.

Finally you connect to your computer with USB cable.

Run these commands:

adb shell
getprop net.hostname
setprop net.hostname <new_hostname>


My iPhone is having weird texting issues with H2O or Page Plus. Help!

We have discovered that using iMessaging can sometimes interfere with normal texting. Try disabling iMessaging in your settings to see if this helps.

Also, H2O MMS, or Picture messaging doesn’t work. Please see this faq for more info: http://www.thecellphoneguru.com/faqs/my-mmspicture-messaging-isnt-working-on-my-h2o-iphone/

Here are some trouble shooting steps for H2o:

  1. Go to “Settings”, tap on WiFi and temporarily turn it OFF
  2. Back in “Settings”, scroll down to “Messages” and tap to open it. Make sure MMS is OFF
  3. Go back to “Settings”, tap on “General” and then “Cellular”. Make sure “Enable 3G” is OFF & “Data Roaming” is ON.
  4. Scroll down & tap on “Cellular Data Network”
  5. Under “Cellular Data Network” put in the following:
    • Cellular Data APN: att.mvno
    • MMS APN: att.mvno
    • MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    • MMS Proxy:
    • MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
    • MMS UA Prof URL: http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf
    • Leave all other fields blank
  6. Click on the Home button to go back to the main phone screen
  7. Go back to “Settings” one more time, scroll down and tap on “Messages” and turn it ON
  8. Press the Home button and you’re set to send & receive MMS on H2o!
  9. Once you have set it up and tested to see it works, you can re-enable WiFi, turn off Data Roaming and turn on 3G (or leave it off if you’re not in a 3G area for AT&T devices on our network).


Help! I miss my old iphone visual voicemail!

Yes, visual voicemail rocks. We found a great alternative for you. Check out this app!



Help! I’m getting double text notifications from my flashed phone!

The MMS/pic messaging setup process for your flashed phone wasn’t completed totally.

To finish the process, please make sure you go to your OLD stock messages app, called “Messenging.” Click on the menu button of your phone and choose settings. Then uncheck all the options. This should keep you from sending double texts and getting double notifications from texts.


Does H2O throttle my unlimited data?

Hi! H2O has an awesome $60 unlimited calls, texts, and data plan. Yay!!!

Unfortunately, we just learned that H2O does indeed throttle unlimited data plans. Once you reach 2 GB of data use, they will slow your data down from 4g to 3g speeds.

FYI, 3g is still very fast. It’s what our other carrier Page Plus uses exclusively. Also, we only have 2 4g towers in our whole area, one in downtown GV and one in downtown NC, so often people with 4g phones are actually only achieving 3g speeds.

How can you get around this situation? You can choose to pay for another month early and call H2O to have them change your renewal date. One customer of ours had success by just being a “squeaky wheel” and calling and nagging H2O until they reset him to 4G!


How do I unlock my iPhone?

Once you get your carrier to unlock your sim slot, or we do it for you, follow these steps:



How do I find my ESN or IMEI?

1. Dial *#06# and press Call and your IMEI will be displayed.

2. Go to Settings, click on About Device, then click on the status then look for the IMEI.

3. Usually the ESN/IMEI is printed on a label underneath your battery.


How do I get data working on a Sprint iPhone iOS 7.14 with Pageplus?

3G Carrier Bundles Now Available!
Carrier Bundles

We now have 3G carrier bundles available for Page Plus, Cricket, Metro Pcs, and nTelos. You will have to manually install these on the iPhone through Cydia. These bundles are good for any iPhone running above 7.0.

1.) Jailbreak the iPhone using the Remote Squad iPhone/Android Flasher
2.) In cydia, add the source “http://itiaprepo.com/remotesquad”
3.) Install the commcenter patch from that source.
4.) Install the carrier bundle for the carrier you need.
5.) Reboot the iPhone and OTA (*228) if necessary.

Fixing common errors when flashing iPhones

Device not fully initiated error.
Use the advanced tools options in the software, and force the diag fix. This will make the apple logo go away and should correct this error.

Failed to connect to device error
If you are getting “failed to connect to device” error when clicking on read/write in the software, please reboot the phone. Then in the computers control panel, remove iTunes and do not reinstall. Reboot your computer and then you should not see this error anymore.


Which phones can I flash to Pageplus?



How do I set up my voicemail on Pageplus?


How do I setup my voicemail for the first time?

To set up your Voice Mail, press *VM (*86), then SEND. Follow the set-up tutorial, which will walk you through selecting a password, and recording both a voice signature and greeting for your Voice Mailbox. Please note: If you press *VM (*86) and hear your own or a system greeting, press the # key to interrupt the greeting and follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages.

When you setup your voicemail for the first time, or are accessing it for the first time, your DEFAULT password will be 9999 on the PagePlus System. You can then change it to whatever you would like!

Note: Voice Mail may not be available in some areas. Voice Mailboxes not set up within 45 days will be cancelled. Your Voice Mailbox is not password protected until you create a password by following the steps listed above. If you are checking your voicemail from your wireless device, you will be charged to maintain your connection to Voice Mail. Which means minutes will come out of your plan or you will be charged for the minutes you use while checking voicemail if you are not on the Unlimited plan.

How do I check my Voicemail?

To access your Voice Mail, press *VM (*86), then SEND. Follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages. Airtime usage applies for Voice Mail setup and retrieval in most areas. If you press *VM (*86) and hear your own or a system greeting, press the # key to interrupt the greeting and follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages.

When you setup your voicemail for the first time, or are accessing it for the first time, your DEFAULT password will be 9999 on the PagePlus System. You can then change it to whatever you would like!

GUIDE: What options do I have while listening to a Voicemail Message

While listening to a message, press:

After listening to a message, press:

1 = Rewind

6 = Forward

2 = Pause

7 = Delete

3 = Fast Forward

8 = Reply**

4 = Slower

9 = Save

5 = Envelope Info (date/time message was sent)

6 = Faster

0 = Help

7 = Delete Message*

9 = Save Message*

0 = Help

# = Finish/Skip


Why do I get a busy signal when dialing out with my Republic Wireless phone?

You must dial the entire 10 digit #.


How long will it take to port my old number to my new service?

Great question!

From mobile phones:

From a Verizon phone to a Page Plus plan, the number port is usually instantaneous.

If you’re porting to Page Plus from another carrier, it will usually be done by 6PM that business day.

Other carriers like H2O, Eco Mobile and Simple Mobile take up to 48 hours.

From a Land Line:

It can take up to 5 business days to port a number from a land line.


How do I get out of my current contract?

There are options for getting out of a service provider contract, besides paying the early termination fee. Check out this website for some alternative possiblities:



Does Page Plus charge Roaming?

Page Plus uses Verizon towers and will switch to Sprint and charge roaming if there are no Verizon towers in your location but there is a Sprint one. Texts will still be free, but calls will be charged $.20 a minute while roaming.

You will see a little triangle icon at the top of your phone screen when you are roaming. If you wish to avoid roaming fees, don’t place or answer calls when roaming. If you do wish to place or receive calls while roaming, you will need to buffer your account balance by purchasing a pay-as-you-go card and add it to your account. The smallest card amount is $10, good for 6 months.


How Do I Get My Account Number or PIN?





How do I enable data on my AT&T iPhone with H2o?



Sprint MVO iPhone 4s activation no ICCID card 4G data – Howto

I thought the 4s was not a 4G phone. ?

Department: Customer Service
Your Question: Update ICC ID
Staff: Dhalia Namoc
11:24 Your Question: Update ICC ID
11:24 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
11:24 You are now chatting with Dhalia Namoc – Customer Service
11:24 Dhalia Namoc: Thank you for choosing Red Pocket Chat Support. This is Dhalia. I’ll be happy to help you today.
11:25 Jeffrey Hein: thank you
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: Hi Jeffrey.
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: May I have the mobile number of your concern?
11:25 Jeffrey Hein: the phone # is
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: Thank you.
11:25 Dhalia Namoc: One moment please.
11:25 Jeffrey Hein: ICC ID is
11:27 Dhalia Namoc: Jeffrey,  is not a Red Pocket Mobile number.
11:27 Dhalia Namoc: Please check the number again.
11:27 Jeffrey Hein: Yes it is, we ported it 2 days ago
11:28 Jeffrey Hein:
11:28 Jeffrey Hein: sorry
11:28 Jeffrey Hein: weird
11:28 Jeffrey Hein: hte number my backend is wrong
11:28 Dhalia Namoc: So this, is the phone number?
11:29 Jeffrey Hein: MSID :
11:29 Jeffrey Hein: is the correct #, What is the MSID?
11:31 Dhalia Namoc: Hold on please.
11:31 Dhalia Namoc: Let me check.
11:32 Dhalia Namoc: For me to provide the MSID, please verify the MEID of the phone.
11:32 Dhalia Namoc: The HEX please.
11:34 Jeffrey Hein: MSID :
11:34 Jeffrey Hein: # is
11:36 Jeffrey Hein:
11:36 Dhalia Namoc: Let me check
11:36 Jeffrey Hein: have you changed the IcCID yet?
11:36 Jeffrey Hein: That is what I need
11:38 Dhalia Namoc: ICC ID is only an option if you try to change the device on the account.
11:38 Dhalia Namoc: If you have free MEID, I can try to change the MEID on the account, then add the UICC ID.
11:38 Dhalia Namoc: Then put back the original MEID.
11:40 Dhalia Namoc: Do you have another MEID?
11:41 Dhalia Namoc: So we can put the UICC ID on the account?
11:41 Jeffrey Hein: so I don’t need the ICC ID?
11:41 Jeffrey Hein: iphone 4w
11:41 Jeffrey Hein: 4s
11:42 Jeffrey Hein: When i dial ##72786# it says my account cannot be activated
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: I do not have another MEID
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: I need this phone activated
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: I have the customer waiting right here
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: Please fix this
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: Tell me if you need anything else from me
11:43 Jeffrey Hein: Please
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: Don’t worry.
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: I can help you to program the phone.
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: Kindly go to Settings>General>About>MEID
11:44 Dhalia Namoc: Please provide me the MEID showing.
11:44 Jeffrey Hein: I already did above! ^^^
11:45 Jeffrey Hein: 11:36Jeffrey Hein:
11:45 Dhalia Namoc: Thank you.
11:45 Jeffrey Hein: 10 minutes agao
11:45 Dhalia Namoc: Please have the phone connected to Wifi now.
11:45 Jeffrey Hein: ok done
11:46 Dhalia Namoc: We need to make sure that the MEID you provided is the same on what the phone says.
11:46 Dhalia Namoc: Now kindly go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
11:47 Jeffrey Hein: done
11:47 Dhalia Namoc: What happened to the phone?
11:47 Jeffrey Hein: respringing os
11:48 Dhalia Namoc: It should reboot the phone.
11:48 Jeffrey Hein: ok ready
11:48 Jeffrey Hein: it is booted now
11:49 Jeffrey Hein: connected
11:49 Dhalia Namoc: Good.
11:49 Dhalia Namoc: Now dial ##873283#
11:50 Dhalia Namoc: Press the Green Call Button
11:50 Jeffrey Hein: done
11:50 Jeffrey Hein: service update complete
11:51 Dhalia Namoc: Good.
11:51 Jeffrey Hein: I can make a phone call
11:51 Jeffrey Hein: what about data?
11:52 Dhalia Namoc: Please check it by turning OFF the Wifi.
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: seems to be working
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: What about MMS?
11:53 Dhalia Namoc: Check it
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: So, we should be good?
11:53 Jeffrey Hein: The iPhone 4s does not need an ICC ID card?
11:54 Dhalia Namoc: Some may require.
11:54 Dhalia Namoc: Some may not.
11:54 Dhalia Namoc: Depending on the phone.
11:54 Jeffrey Hein: what about 4G data speeds?
11:55 Dhalia Namoc: Depending on the phone and location.
11:55 Dhalia Namoc: Customer may get 3G or 4G.
11:56 Jeffrey Hein: so this iPhone 4s can achieve 4G data speeds if there is a 4G antenna near by, even without the ICC ID card?
11:57 Dhalia Namoc: Yes.
11:57 Jeffrey Hein: Great, what about voicemail?
11:57 Jeffrey Hein: do you have a FAQ about setting it up?
11:59 Dhalia Namoc: Let me check.
12:03 Dhalia Namoc: Hold on please.
12:03 Dhalia Namoc: Checking the website now.
12:08 Jeffrey Hein: ok, let me know. Thank you so muchj
Support Center: https://help.goredpocket.com/


How does switching plans with Pageplus work?

Switching Plans

It is important for you to understand the process of switching from one Page Plus plan to another, because the process does not happen the same exact way from one particular plan to another. An upgrade to a “higher” plan takes effect immediately, whereas a switch to a “lower” plan will take place on the renewal date of the current plan. This “hierarchy” method of switching plans will be consistent across all current and future monthly plans.

Switching to a Higher Plan

To switch to a higher plan, you must first load the PIN of the higher plan to your account. When switching to a higher plan, the change will take effect immediately. For example, if you are switching from The 12 plan to The 55, you must first load the The 55 PIN to your account. Upon submittal, your account will immediately upgrade to the The 55 plan. To get the most value out of your current plan, it is suggested to wait until the renewal date of your current plan before upgrading.

Switching to a Lower Plan

To switch to a lower plan, you must first load the PIN of the lower plan to your account. When switching to a lower plan, the loaded PIN will stack on the account until the renewal date of the current plan, at which time the plan will switch. For example, if you are switching from The 55 plan to Talk n Text 1200, you must first load the Talk n Text 1200 PIN to your account. Upon submittal, the Talk n Text 1200 PIN will stack on your account until the renewal date of The 55 plan, at which time your account will switch to the Talk n Text 1200.

Switching to the Standard Plan

To switch from a monthly plan to the Standard plan, you must request it through Customer Service. Loading a Standard plan card/PIN does not automatically switch the account from a monthly plan to the Standard plan.

Monthly plans can renew by loading a monthly bundle PIN or by adding a cash balance on your account. So, if a Standard PIN loaded onto an account provides enough cash balance for the current (unexpired) monthly plan to renew, the monthly plan will renew normally.

Additional Plan Information

Reinstating a Monthly Plan After Non-Renewal
If your monthly plan does not renew for whatever reason, your account may get automatically moved to the Standard plan. Since your account will not automatically get switched back to the previous monthly plan by simply adding the dollar amount of the plan to your account, you need to purchase and load an actual monthly plan PIN onto your account in order to return to the monthly plan.

Suspending Your Phone Number Will Cancel Your Monthly Plan

If you want to suspend your account (because your phone was lost or stolen, for instance), your plan must be switched to the Standard plan before the account can be suspended. Your monthly plan will be lost. When the account is restored, it will be restored with the Standard plan, and a new monthly plan PIN will need to be loaded onto the account to return to the monthly plan.


How do identify different iPad models?



Do picture texts use my data?

In short, Yes.

MMS, or picture texts, require data to be sent. Most carriers are deceptive in their advertising around this, often saying you get unlimited text/mms text. Yes, they are unlimited, but only as much as you can fit into your data plan, which includes your internet usage also.

One cool feature of iPhones is iMessaging. If you have an iPhone and are sending a pic or any text message to someone who also has an iphone, and you are connected to wifi, it will go through wifi instead of using your data. For example: You are texting your long distance boyfriend a sexy pic of you from your bathroom. You’re at home and connected to wifi. You have an iphone and so does he. You can send all the sexy pics you want baby, because it really is unlimited, over wifi!

Other options are to just email your pics to your person while connected to wifi. I know this won’t be in the text thread, but it will save your data usage.


What is my account # and pin for carrier X?

Net 10 – Account # is IMEI of phone and Pin is the last four digits of phone #.


Who provides the best coverage in our area?

It really depends on where you live, and where you spend your day.

Here is a list in order of broadest coverage to narrowest:





US Cellular


All the other companies are resellers of top 4.


How do I wifi tether any rooted android smartphone or tablet?



How do I check my H2O Balance?

Dial *777# from your phone and you will receive a message.


How do I reset my ESN / MEID on Pageplus?



Voicemail notification and change voicemail number for iPhones

**5005*86*1<vm>#     Instruct the iPhone to call the number <vm> when the [Voicemail] button is pressed

(the iPhone screen flashes briefly to indicate the command is accepted)

*#5005*86#                Check the <vm> number that was used in the last **5005*86* command

(the iPhone shows a black screen, with the number <vm> in the middle)

##5005*86*                Clear the <vm> number to be used when the [Voicemail] button is pressed

(when checked with *#5005… the iPhone only briefly flashes)


What is the difference between 3G and 4G?

It’s confusing, because it means two different things.

1. As far as the iPhones are concerned it is just a model #. There is an iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, and 4s. Not to mention the 3 iPhone 5 models. So pretty much the only differences betweenall of them are looks and processing power. There are three different looks for the phone 3G, 4 and 5. The when they put the “s” on the end, it means it is their higher end model with beefier guts. Also, the 4s is when they started supporting sirii. The iPhone 5 is when they started supporting 4G. See #2

2. 3G and 4G refer to mobile data network speeds. It actually doesn’t effect us much up here because the only places 4G is available is downtown NC and downtown GV. 3G is almost always sufficient for most people. 4G is a lot faster, but in my opinion more of a marketing gimmick.


Which Carrier’s iPhone 5, 5s, & 5c work with H2O and Page Plus?


Yes this is a very confusing topic, as each carrier makes a different iPhone 5, 5s, with different rules and restrictions.

Verizon iPhone 5, 5s & 5c:  You can activate it on H2O wireless, getting 4G data speeds, by using an H2O sim card in the unlocked slot. (We can handle that part for you.) It can not be activated on Page Plus.

AT&T iPhone 5, 5s, & 5c: Can be activated on H2O wireless with 4G data speeds, by using an H2O sim card in the unlocked slot. (We can handle that part for you.) It can not be activated on Page Plus.

TMobile iPhone 5 & 5s: Can be activated on H2O wireless with 4G data speeds, by using an H2O sim card in the unlocked slot. (We can handle that part for you.) It can not be activated on Page Plus.

Straight Talk iPhone 5: Can be activated on Page Plus with 3G data speeds. (some carrier settings prevent this but we can usually find a work-around with upgrading the phone’s firmware and such.)

Sprint iPhone 5 & 5s: Can not be activated on any other networks besides Sprint. (It has a special kind of sim slot that is tied to that particular phone and the Sprint network.)


How do I port my old AT&T number to H2O?

In order to port your old number from your AT&T account to H2O, you will need to call AT&T. Tell them you are porting your number. Ask for your “porting account number” and your “porting pin.” There is a special account number and pin just for porting. Then you will give us that information and we can proceed from there.


Why am I getting a no service message when I dial out on H2O?

H2O requires you dial the full 10 digit number when dialing out. So if you’re local and dialing in your area, you still need to dial the area code. It is not necessary to dial 1 first though, even when you are traveling in a different area.


How long do I retain my phone # if I don’t recharge my prepaid plan?

For most prepaid plans, the user can have 60 days of inactivity before their phone number is lost.

Its best to look up your specific carrier’s policy.


What can I use as a stylus on my touch screen?

Any of the following can be used as a stylus in a pinch:

Back of a metal pen

negative side of a battery

rolled up green leaf or freshly cut twig

anything metal or damp, and has to be the right size about 1/4 inch.



How can I protect my self from cellphone EMF radiation?

chec out this site: http://www.naturalnews.com/041765_cell_phones_EMF_radiation_protection.html


Which phones have the lowest EMF radiation or (SAR) rating?

Here is a list of them: http://reviews.cnet.com/2719-6602_7-291-3.html


How do I identify the different iPhone models?



How can I extend my cellular range?

You can purchase a Wilson cell extender or a Samsung network extender to increase the range of your cell service.




What are my broadband internet options in Nevada County?

Here are the broadband internet options available in Nevada County in order of speed:

Cable Internet (Comcast, SuddenLink)

Fixed  Wireless  (Smarter Broadband up to 15Mbps $100-$400 w/ 0-3yrs contract , Digital Path up to 20Mbps $250 setup w/ 1yr contract, Succeend.net in Lake Wildwood)

DSL or U-verse (AT&T, or third party resellers like the local Spiral Internet)

4G Cellular Hotspot (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, or third party resellers)

Satellite (Hughsnet, Exede, Wildblue, Dish Network) !low on list because of High Latency realtime intraction is delayed.

3G Cellular Hotspot (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, or third party resellers) Average 600Kbps – 1.4 Mbps and up to 3.1 Mbps


How do I check to see if my network is down?



What are the APN settings for H2o?



How to I get picture texts (MMS) working on my flashed phone?

To download the mms app, the new url is

  1. remotesquad.com/mms/
  2. www.flashingtools.com/mms/
  3. http://8s.ms/

When you install the app, it will ask you the carrier you flashed the phone to, along with the phone number of the flashed phone. It is very important that you fill this information in. If you fail to do so, the app will not function properly.

The app is currently compatible with the following carriers:
Verizon MVNO’s (Page Plus, Next G, Talk 4 Good, Selectel)
Metro Pcs

To finish the process, please make sure you go to your OLD stock messages app, called “Messenging.” Click on the menu button of your phone and choose settings. Then uncheck all the options. This should keep you from sending double texts and getting double notifications from texts.


So what is the deal with roaming?

This website offers a comprehensive look at roaming charges for various carriers in the US.



How can I check to see if my iPhone (GSM) can be unlocked?

Use the tool here: http://iphoneimei.info/


How can I calculate my early termination fee (ETF)?

There is a tool here: http://www.myrateplan.com/contract_termination_fees/


Which carriers do US prepaid re-sellers use?



What phones are compatible with the Motorola Lapdock?

Bionic Lapdock, Lapdock 100, and Lapdock Pro 500

Milestone X2 (GB) (Only in mirrored mode)

Droid X2 (GB) (Mirrored? Untested)

Droid 3 (GB) (Mirrored? Untested)

Electrify (GB)

Photon 4G (GB)

Atrix 2 (GB)

Droid Bionic (JB) <—- Best price for greatest functionality; $60, used on eBay.

Razr (JB)

Razr MAXX (JB)

Droid 4 (JB)

Razr M,HD,HD MAXX (JB) (Mirrored? Untested)


What is our local SID for Verizon or Pageplus?

00112 SACRAMENTO CA B Verizon Cellular


How much does it cost to call using Sipdroid over mobile data?

Sipdroid uses G.711 A-law to transmit voice which needs about 80 kBit/s in each direction. This corresponds to a total of 1.2 MB per minute.

A video call needs approximately twice as much.

Over EDGE or when optionally enabled for all calls Sipdroid uses GSM codec to compress to about 30 kBit/s in each direction resulting in a total of 0.5 MB per minute.


How do I check my H2OWireless balance?

H2O Wireless USA Info

Download This App: Prepay Balance Widgets – Android Apps on Google Play

H2O Wireless Customer Service is available 9AM to 11PM at “611” from the handset or +1-800-643-4926 from landline.

Check balance – *777# and “Send”
Check data balance – *777*1# and “Send”
Add a refill pin – *111*pin number # and “Send”
Retrieve Voicemail – Dial 123 or Press and hold “1” from mobile.


How do I activate my Verizon phone on the Pageplus Network?

1. Dial *228
2. Press SEND or CALL
– It will say “Welcome to Verizon Wireless Programming”, this is what you want it to say! Keep going!
3. Choose OPTION 1 when prompted
4. Leave the phone alone while it’s programming (listen to elevator music til’ finished)
5. Once programming is done, reboot the phone
6. Make a test call
7. Choose your messaging language (1 for english)


How do I activate my phone on Verizon prepaid?


1. Dial *22898

2. Dial Phone #

3. Dial Password (default is last 4 digits of phone #)


1. Dil *611

2. Enter credit card #


How do I check my Page Plus balance?

Check your balance on Pageplus: Send a text to 7243 —> BAL (doesn’t work on some Verizon phones)
Dial #737 follow the prompts (10 digit phone # –> 1 for correct –> 1 for english –> and press 3 to retrieve your account balance.
Visit pageplusewireless.com –> register and login


Is my CDMA phone’s ESN clean?

ESN Check for CDMA phones (Verizon, Sprint)


What size SIM Card?

SIM Card size comparison chart
List of Phones that Use a Micro SIM


Where is a list of all the SIDs in the US?



How do you Hack a Droid Bionic with Linux?

Guide to flash and/or root your droid bionic with Linux, and hack the radio to use a GSM prepaid sim.


  • Cheap prepaid international cell service. I used h2owireless.com in the US. 5¢ a minute/text. 21¢ simcard – amazon.com -link
  • Free phone # and services for calling US numbers using wifi or cell data. I used Google voice. voice.google.com
  • Free wifi video calls. I used Google Talk or Skype. mail.google.com
  • Fully featured dual core smartphone. $60 on ebay.com!
  • Great, inexpensive accessories. Lapdock $50, Multemedia dock $20, Car dock $7. amazon.com

I cancelled my account with Verizon at the beginning of the year. I have been using Google voice since it was Grandcentral, so the switch to free/cheap phone service was pretty smooth (no new #).  I now use my phone mosty as a totally free wifi phone using google voice, siproid and pbxes.org. When I’m driving in my car, or somewhere remote, I’ll use the 5¢ a minute/text GSM service. Google voice gives me the one free # that will ring thanks to pbxes.org on all my devices (laptop at home, cellphone (wifi and GSM), old telephone hooked up to an obi100 -link, computer at the office). I can also call out from them all, and the # displayed will be the one.

After three days of hacking my Droid Bionic from Verizon, I finally feel like I have a good idea of how to replicate this process.

I used Ubuntu 13.04. This also can be performed on any flavor of Linux, BSD, MacOS or Windows. 😉

WARNING: This process will install Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. This will stop you from reverting back to Gingerbread 2.* with this method. Something about security levels on partitions.


  • Computer – Linux based OS with working USB ports. Some people have trouble with USB 3.0.
  • Phone – Motorola Bionic XT875 (targa) with Micro USB cable. Make sure your battery is fully charged. MicroSD card inserted. SIM inserted.
  • a prepaid sim card.
  • A google or google apps account. (for google voice)
  • A strong will.

Attach phone to computer or virtual machine with a USB cable.

  1. Boot into fast boot – Turn on while pressing and holding the Volume up and Volume down keys. Press down twice to select Fastboot and press up once to confirm.
  2. Download – Firmware (JellyBean 4.1.2) Droid-Developers SBF
  3. Decompress and open a terminal into the directory.
  4. Download, decompress and run Linux script in the same directory (moto-fastboot and install.sh). When done, unplug phone.
  5. On phone press ok, next, etc…
  6. Turn on usb debugging, and install from different sources.
  7. Root phone – Easy Root for Bionic Stock 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) – Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com
  8. Install Safestrap. safestrap.apk
  9. Hack radio, so that you can enable GSM – I used radiocomm on a virtualbox this guide –> The Droid:Bionic can do CMDA/4LTE and GSM/HSPA+ [IMAGE INTENSIVE] – Droid Bionic – RootzWiki .
  10. Backup stock rom, and install ASOP. (The rom I found worked the best with this phone) -link. If you are happy with this rom you can skip steps 11-13, they show you how to hack the stock rom for GSM.
  11. 3 different ways to make the change to GSM stick in the stock rom. – Edit or overwrite build.prop, install zip update, run terminal command adb or emulator
  12. Enable GSM on phone by dialing *#*#4636#*#* –>
    1. touch “Phone Information” –>
    2. Scroll down to “Set preferred network type:” –>
    3. Select WDMA preferred
  13. At this point I had to restore the phone to factory settings using safestrap. and reroot the phone (Step 7). Becuase it just kept saying com.process phone crashed over and over again. I think there is a way around this. Maybe not inserting the sim card
  14. Install sipdroid -guide and link
  15. Set up PBXes account -guide and link
  16. Using voice.google.com and pbxes.org you can control your extensions, and settings. It’s very flexible.

Most of my resources came from these sites:

The Droid:Bionic can do CMDA/4LTE and GSM/HSPA+ [IMAGE INTENSIVE] – Droid Bionic – RootzWiki

(HOW TO)(Unlocked Bootloaders)Install Fastboots, CWM, Tips & Ticks, and More – xda-developers

FileFactory Folder View – Verizon Firmware

How To Install CyanogenMod Android for Motorola Droid Bionic (“targa”) – CyanogenMod