Cash for Phones

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We love to buy phones!

Here’s all the info you will need when deciding whether to bring in your old phones.

We generally purchase smartphones only. We will give a small amount for a flip phone or slider phone or any “dumb phone” if it is in excellent condition and we need more of that style and carrier. The price for those would be around $3-$15. You can always donate your old phones that we aren’t able to purchase, as we have programs with Women of Worth and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition of Nevada County, so your phone will go to a good cause.

Smartphones we will generally purchase:

  • Any iphone 5 from any carrier
  • Any AT&T or Unlocked GSM Phone
  • Any Verizon 3G phone
  • If none of these pertain to you ie: different carriers than mentioned above or Verizon 4G phones, please see the below link. We will generally buy any phones on this list.

Some prices for common and most sought after phones:

Prices are approximate and subject to change. IPhone prices have ranges depending on storage size. We use the industry standard of 3 conditions: poor, good, and excellent. 

  • Poor = has serious issues like cracked screen or body, doesn’t power on or make calls, missing buttons or parts
  • Good = no cracks on screen or body, powers on and makes calls, no major scratches or scuffs
  • Excellent = like new, no scuffs or scratches, no Cracked screen or body, everything works perfectly
Phone Brand Phone Model Poor Price Good Price Excellent Price
iPhone 4 10 45-55 55-65
iPhone 4s 30 75-90 85-100
iPhone 5 50 150-160 170-180
iPhone 5c 65 180-210 200-235
iPhone 5s 75 300-330 315-345
Samsung Galaxy SIII 30 85 95
Samsung Galaxy S4 50 130 140
Samsung Galaxy Note II 40 120 135
Motorola Droid Razr 5 15 20

If you don’t see your phone priced here, you can go to this website to get a general idea of what we’d give you.