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In order to provide Nevada County with the best products for their technology and communication needs, The Cell Phone Guru and affiliates promise to:

  • Keep our technology current, relevant, affordable and easy to access.
  • Keep our business physically and economically strong.
  • Hold our business to the highest legal, ethical and moral standards.
  • Be a careful and considerate partner for our clients, protecting their privacy at all times.
  • Provide the best eco-conscious options we can find.
  • Provide outstanding customer service to everyone involved with our company.

Who we are:

Founder, CEO and Cell Phone Guru,

Jeffrey Pine Hein


Jeffrey was born and raised in the majestic Sierra Nevada Foothills. He bought his first computer at age ten, and has been making technological magic ever since. His calm presence and intuitive listening skills are special in a field that is typically remote and impersonal.

When Jeffrey is not making all of your cell-phone dreams come true, he is likely enjoying the view, juggling on the slackline, or petting his cats.